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Features & Technology

It's super simple to request visits, make payments and much more!


The Time To Pet App can be downloaded directly from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store.



When it comes to making a payment - you have a simple, easy way to do so. View your open invoices from the App and make payments on one (or all) with just a couple clicks. Make payments via standard credit/debit card or submit payments via Paypal or ACH (or e-check). You can even leave a tip for a job well done and manage your payment methods, voices, and payment history right from the App!

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Visit Report Card

Visit Report Cards give a quick update of how our visit went. Did Fido use the bathroom? Did Fido go for a walk? Did Fido eat dinner? All with fun icons we've selected. This is sent to you in addition to any notes or pictures!


The process of requesting services is easy for you. Visits can be requested right from the Client App! You can also view all of your already scheduled visits and submit change requests from the App as well!


Pet Profile

Information on the human client isn’t the only data required. Pet information is just as important! You can update this information in real time from your App so our team has access to the most accurate info.

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