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Cats Tail Vibrating?

Updated: Feb 8

Having a kitty cat is really exciting and you'll soon realize they're more attached to you than most realize. If you've never had a cat of your own then you most certainly think they are independent and could care less when you're home. Now that you have your new cat you might have a few questions - the biggest one..... Why is my cat vibrating their tail?

Sleeping vibrations

Is your new kitty sleeping and you see that cute little tail, whiskers, nose, and paws moving? This is no different than your dog or us. Your kitty is probably dreaming of playtime or maybe cuddle time with their new human.

If your cat is laying with their eyes closed but the tail is slowly flapping side to side good chances are they are still awake and carefully listening to their surroundings. They are very comfortable and just enjoying their comfortable environment.

Happy vibrations

This could be the way your new kitty is trying to tell you they're happy about you coming home, playtime, food, or just happy in general. Often times you can determine based on their overall body language. If your cat is looking out the window, maybe they are excited about a bird or another cat. Often times your cat will be walking into the room and is interested in a little play time. You're on the right track by reading this article- it shows how interested you are to learn and understand your new cat.

Territory marking

Territory marking is never a fun thing to deal with. It's most common if your cat has not been fixed. It's a way to attract another cat for mating or it could be a way to secure their territory. It's the clearest way to tell every other kitty to stay away. In most cases your cat will vibrate the tail towards the base while keeping the tail mostly straight.

If your cat has already been fixed, this could be an important signal that your cat could be sick. We recommend contacting your local vet office to schedule a visit.


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