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If you're new to the area and looking for a groomer in Fort Lauderdale, we highly recommend Michelles Grooming on 17th street. As a dog walker in Fort Lauderdale we always have our ears perked high. When clients bark about amazing local businesses - we take notice and Michelle and her business are a shining service you need to experience! It's clear the moment you click her google account and see her 4.9 star rating. We were lucky enough to ask her a few questions to really understand what drives her amazing success and how she views the pet industry as a whole.

What is the most fulfilling part of owning your pet business?

The most fulfilling part is knowing that when I wake up, I’m able to go to work and truly enjoy the experience. Everyday I can’t wait to see all of my furbabies and their owners. Giving them the treatment they deserve, with love, attention and quality  products and making them feel comfortable with a cage less environment really makes my business stand out.                                                                                    

What is personally the most challenging aspect of your business?

Personally the most challenging aspect of this business is just all the products on the market. I’m always searching  for the best products to use on the furbabies so their coat doesn't get damaged as well as using it according to the individual pets needs. I like to use veterinary line products or organic products to make sure they don't get chemicals on their skin.                                                                       

What will be the biggest challenges facing the pet industry over the next five years?  

As a pet  grooming business owner I can see nearly every family will have at least one pet. This might be a dog or a cat. Owning a pet is a popular trend and growing. As a groomer it's my responsibility to help new pet owners take care of their new furbaby. Many times customers get a breed and might be unaware the breed they have is high "maintenance". This can cause frustration for the pet and their owners. Potential owners need to be aware of these unique needs before selecting a pet. This will ensure the best match for them.

What caused you to get into the pet industry?

The reason I got into the pet industry is simple, the love and care I feel for animals. I grew up with many pets. Many different kinds - chickens, pigs, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, rabbits and even goats. In my family we always cared and loved all the critters with no limits. This business makes me feel happy while I’m giving the animals the best care possible .                                             

What do you think will be the most important pet trends over the next five years?

I think the most important pet trend over the next five years will be all the different and innovative  styles for haircuts and organic products. This might be skin products, food and vitamins. It wouldn't suppose me if we even see new mix breeds. 

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