Pawsome! We will contact you by email within 24 hours.

Why do we ask so many questions?

In order for your sitter to do the best possible job for you - they’ll need as much information about your pets, their habits and your home as possible. Be patient, we ask a lot of questions but for good reason.  It’s vital to your pet’s welfare that we go into each sit with the best and most knowledge possible!

What can you do to prepare for your interview?

  • Think about your pet’s daily routine

  • Does your pet require medications? What are they? Are there procedures for administration?

  • Consider your pet’s personality, are they shy, do they have separation anxiety, do they get into trouble when left alone, are they aggressive?

  • Does your pet have any unusual habits or fears?

  • Is your pet wearing a set of current identification tags?

  • Do you have a designated pet guardian in the event something happens to you?

  • Do you have a credit card on file at the veterinarians office?

  • Have you made preparations in the event your pet should pass away while you’re gone?


Plan Ahead

  • Make your pet sitting reservations as early as possible – especially high volume times i.e. school breaks, holidays.

  • Have spare keys made for home, your sitter will need at least one and it’s always wise to leave one with a neighbor or in a lockbox. Check to make sure the keys work!

  • Buy extra food, medications and cleaning supplies.


Prepare Your Home

  • Place a hold on mail and newspapers.

  • Change your batteries in your garage door keypad and in all smoke detectors.

  • Remove food from your counters and throw out anything that may go bad in the refrigerator.

  • Put lights and irrigation system on timer.

  • Close any “off-limit” room doors.

  • Arrange for snow removal or lawn care (inform your sitter of these services and days they are to take place).

  • Consider leaving a radio or TV on it may deter thieves and also keeps your pets company.

  • Inform your emergency contact that the sitter has their information and in the event of an emergency they’ll be contacted.



  • Download our app "Time to Pet" for all of our communications and visit report cards.

  • Feel free to leave your preferred service provider information: plumber, HVAC, snow removal etc.

  • If travel plans change immediately notify our office right away.


All of these items and many more are crucial to providing the best possible pet care experience for you as a client.